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Research and development in the field of technical sciences

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Assembly and welding

Based on requests for welding Welding & Testing of Materials (W&TM) can offer its customers the following services: Welding and assembly of dedicated pressure equipment, liquid and steam boilers, stable pressure vessels, piping and assembly into a functional unit.

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Technical support

Professional Welding Supervision: EWE - European Welding Engineer, IWE - International Welding Engineer, EWI-E - European Welding Inspector - Engineer, EWT - European Welding Technology. Processing of welding technology

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Acredited laboratory

According to ISO/IEC 17025. Non-destructive testing makes it possible to identify and document material deficiencies by using physical principles. For the needs of our customers, we can provide the following services: Material Testing, Consultance on NDT processes.

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We realize and provide full scope of work: Earthworks, IS laying, Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Line Management, Steel Structures, Bridge Steel Structures, Soundproofing Walls, Bridge Drainage, Steel Portals ..

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About Us

Welding & Testing of Materials - (W&TM) engages in Research a Development (R&D) in technical sciences especially in production technologies such as welding, casting, molding, and heat-treatment processes. Detailed description of all our services and activities find HERE.

In the field of R&D we focus on fundamental research of material flaws and discontinuities after welding, molding, machining, and casting. We also engage in repair and reconstruction of various welded structures and pressure vessels, Non-destructive defectoscopic testing of materials, measurement and analysis of materials.

Our mission is to prove that Welding & Testing of Materials, s. r. o. is capable of providing high quality service and excellent technical knowledge and experience to potential customers in the field of welding and non-destructive testing; also improve the quality and preparation of welding graduates to meet national standards and thus meet the needs of local industry.

We perform extracurricular education in various fields. All our personnel are appropriately certified. We encourage you to take a look at OUR TRAINING AND COURSES.

Material inspection by non-destructive testing is performed in an accredited NDT laboratory. We own a welding workshop with comprehensive equipment, where we perform welding and joining of various materials as well as their testing.

W&TM activities and services have a large added value. We aim at the effective transfer of research and development and innovations into the work processes in various industries in order to increase utilization of available resources, higher recycling of materials and focusing in using environmentally friendly materials. Our aim is to increase the use of high-end materials with better product manufacture qualities and better processing qualities in welding, molding, and joining.

Education and Training

WPS, WPQR, welding certification and courses in accordance with STN 050705, STN EN 287-1, STN EN 287-1, STN EN ISO 9606-2, STN EN 1418, DIN EN 287-1, DIN EN ISO 9606-2, DIN EN 1418, AD-2000 MBI. Most of our education and training activities we can perform on our customer´s site. NDT training and course in accordance with STN EN 9712 and employee certification SNT-TC-1A. Training, retraining and examination on safety regulations. Training price and duration depends on the course's type and the number of students. We will do our best to satisfy your requests and make you happy.

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Research & Development


The main content of the project is the development of new non-ferrous metals materials oriented on magnesium, titanium, nickel, copper and other alloys. The use of these alloys is assumed in the automotive industry for accumulators, contactors, or other components in electric and hybrid vehicles. Electric and hybrid vehicles using electric motors significantly reduce emissions and fossil fuel consumption, which implies a high potential of the presented project. At the same time, alloy processing technology will be developed, their joining and subsequent non-destructive testing which serve to inspect castings and component joints. Building on the objectives in accordance with the horizontal priority for sustainable development, R & D will be strengthened, the technological processes developed and the competitiveness of the automotive industry increased. The primary target group are PhD students and their integration into the work process, technicians, welders, technologists and people from the academic community (trainers and students) as well as administrative staff. The output of the project will be an industrial research and development center, which aims to promote effective collaboration between the enterprise and the research organization.

W & TM is engaged in the research and development of technical sciences, mainly manufacturing technologies such as welding, casting, shaping and heat treatment of materials. In the field of research, we focus on basic research of materials or products defects after welding, shaping, machining, casting. The company also undertakes repair and reconstruction of various welded structures and pressure vessels, defectoscopic testing of materials by non-destructive methods, informative testing, measurement, analysis and testing of materials. W & TM also performs extracurricular training. W & TM staff are qualified to perform their activities, and the company works closely with experts at the Department of Technology at the University of Žilina. Welding and material inspection by non-destructive testing is performed in the NDT laboratory W & TM is hiring. It also has a welding workshop with comprehensive equipment. It is used to test welding and joining of different materials.

Through its activities and services, company W & T increases its domestic added value and strives for efficient transfer of technology and science and research results to the production process and for the development of industry-wide manufacturing practices aimed at making better use of available resources, increased recycling rates and the use of environmentally friendly materials by using scientific research on technological development and innovation. It utilizes and replaces materials used up to date by new materials with new and higher complexes of useful properties including processability (machining, shaping, joining). It efforts to develop technological investment units, particularly in the field of engineering and integrated industrial facilities, with regard to the application and use of light metals and modern materials in transport production to reduce total weight and contribution to green economy, development and application of composite materials.

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