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NDT courses

Method Instrumentation equipment used on courses Hours
UT 1+2 ultrasonic flaw detector EPOCH 600, USM 25, GE USM GO+, RD Omniscan MX Phased Array, calibration blocks K1, K2, calibration sets with flat bottom holes 120
RT 1+2 X-ray tubes, portable emitters Ir192, Se75, Yb169, RT acceptance standard for cast iron accordance with ASME, densitometers, radiographic film viewers, wire image quality indicators. 120
RT-FAS densitometers, radiographic film viewers 56
UTT thickness gauges Panametrics, Krauftkramer, Dakota 24
MT1+2 electromagnetic YOKE, prods with current source, magnetizing coils, central conductors, UV lamp, UV luxmeter, spray sets dye and fluorescent 40
PT1+2 dye, fluorescent, dual penetrants, UV lamp, UV luxmeter 40
VT1+2 sets of gauges for visual testing, videoscope, comparators for the definition of surface quality of steel castings 40
VT ThP indicators for direct VT evaluation, endoscope camera 40
ET 1+2 ET gauge GE MENTOR EM, set of probes for testing of surface and welds, calibration blocks 88
LT B 1+2 Vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, vacuum meters, vacuum boxes, leakage standards 56
LT C 1+2 Sensitor H2000 H2 detector, tracer gas, leakage standards 64

Training duration is in accordance with EN ISO 9712. There is the possibility to utilize the laboratory at the place of training, including the equipment. In case you order the training for more people we can offer you an interesting discount. Price quotation will be made after the first contact and specifying of your requirements. In case of more than 4 students the course can be held in your company. Our instructors are certified by level II and III and have lot of experience in NDT in various industries.

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