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Destructive testing

Keyence VHX 5000 digital microscope

Microscope - for evaluation of microstructure, macrostructure, intercrystalline corrosion
Microscope - for evaluation of microstructure, macrostructure, intercrystalline corrosion

The 50 frames per second camera captures large amounts of image data with different focusing positions, and the high speed REMAX V graphics processor processes it at high speed. Allows to focus data on each pixel to see clear, fully focused images on the screen. The field of view will not change even when the lens is tilted or the table rotates. This allows observation from multiple angles. Dimensions can only be measured on the screen. The measurement result can be saved along with the image and exported to other software.

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Assembly and welding

Based on requests for welding, company WELDING & TESTING OF MATERIALS can offer its customers the following services: Welding and assembly of dedicated pressure equipment, liquid and steam boilers, stable pressure vessels, piping and assembly into a functional unit.

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Technical advice

Professional Welding Supervision: EWE - European Welding Engineer, IWE - International Welding Engineer, EWI-E - European Welding Inspector - Engineer, EWT - European Welding Technology. Processing of welding technological procedures.

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Accredited NDT laboratory according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018

Non-destructive testing makes it possible to identify and document material discontinuities by using physical principles. For the needs of our customers, we can provide the following services: Material Testing, Consultance on creation of NDT processes.

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Complex project activity

We realize and provide full scope of work: Groundworks, underground utilities laying, Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Line Pipelines, Steel Structures, Bridge Steel Structures, Antinoise Barriers, Bridge Drainage, Steel Portals..

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