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ISO consulting

Increase your competitiveness and the image of your company on the market with the established quality system.

We provide expert advice and consultancy in building and implementing an efficient and functional ISO quality management system, its maintenance and constant improvement.

ISO certification is suitable for all small, medium and large companies from different industries.

We provide consulting you advice and subsequent certification in the area of implementation of quality systems according to:


One of the basic management tools for quality assurance and achievement is the Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is a universal international standard that deals with quality. The ISO 9001 quality management system can be implemented in any company.

The introduction and certification of the ISO quality management system brings these benefits: increasing market competitiveness, participating in public tenders, improving organizational management (determination of responsibilities and competence), economic benefits (reducing customer complaints, lowering costs of inferiority) proof of the seriousness of the organizations.


The ISO 3834 series of standards provide guidance on building and maintaining a functioning quality management system for fusion welding of metallic materials. Welding is used in a number of industries - mechanical engineering, construction, power engineering, manufacturing, metallurgy, ..

The ISO 3834 series of standards does not replace ISO 9001 but represents a tool for its use for welding processes. Emphasis is placed on worker qualifications, used equipment, procedures and welding records.

STN EN 1090

Standard STN EN 1090 specifies requirements for basic and auxiliary materials, connecting components, material separation and, of course, welding, which must be carried out in accordance with standard ISO 3834-1 to 6. It also determines welding coordination according to ISO 14731, usage of welding procedures and qualification of welding personnel, the requirements for the preparation and construction of the structures, as well as the production control system.

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Assembly and welding

Based on requests for welding, company WELDING & TESTING OF MATERIALS can offer its customers the following services: Welding and assembly of dedicated pressure equipment, liquid and steam boilers, stable pressure vessels, piping and assembly into a functional unit.

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Technical advice

Professional Welding Supervision: EWE - European Welding Engineer, IWE - International Welding Engineer, EWI-E - European Welding Inspector - Engineer, EWT - European Welding Technology. Processing of welding technological procedures.

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Accredited NDT laboratory according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018

Non-destructive testing makes it possible to identify and document material discontinuities by using physical principles. For the needs of our customers, we can provide the following services: Material Testing, Consultance on creation of NDT processes.

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Complex project activity

We realize and provide full scope of work: Groundworks, underground utilities laying, Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Line Pipelines, Steel Structures, Bridge Steel Structures, Antinoise Barriers, Bridge Drainage, Steel Portals..

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